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      Women's Corner

Women, Join Our Club!

Regardless of one’s ability level, Buckeye United Fly Fishers offers learning opportunities both on and off the stream. The only requirement to join is an interest in fly fishing. Our club programs cover a wide range of topics, from fly fishing techniques to stream tactics to fly tying. In addition to casting clinics, stream-side seminars and outings, several purely Women’s social gatherings are held throughout the year so that our Women members can get to know one another.

The club plans a variety of fishing trips and outings and it is a major focus of our Women’s activities. From bluegills to trout to pike, no type of fishing goes uncovered by our Women members. Half-day and all-day local outings, and overnight Women’s trips are scheduled throughout the year. Membership information is available online, as well as our club program and event calendar.

Contact: Cari Vota

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