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Nick Rizzo is B.U.F.F.'s Mad River Coordinator. If you have any questions
about the Mad or events taking place on the Mad, contact him by phone or e-mail.

Workday - Sampling/Monitoring
June 9, 2007
9:00 am-12:00 pm
St.Rt. 36; We will have a guest speaker from Ohio EPA (Jeff Reynolds) who will give us information about the Ohio Surface Water Volunteer Monitoring Program (aka the Credible Data Program) See for more information. To measure improvements from the in-stream habitat work, we need quality data. The idea is to get as many volunteers trained as possible to help with the sampling/data collection. Besides Jeff’s presentation, we hope to have some other sampling experts there to demonstrate quality sampling/monitoring
The in-stream/riparian habitat improvement work on Mad River for 2007 will beginning Saturday March 3, 2007 and continue every other Saturday until the end of October.  There may be some special workdays between now and then in preparation but that will be the first formal day.We can always use more volunteers, so for time and location of workdays in 2007, check the calendar at:

The grant funds to continue the work will be available until July 1, 2009, so we should be able to get many more miles of stream habitat improved. If you are not able to make the workdays but want to contribute, please sign up for the ADOPT-A-BRIDGE/STREAMWATCH program and help control litter, clear paths and parking areas, and keep an eye on things whenever you go to fish the river. Because of the increase in litter, vandalism, tresspassing and property destruction, we need everyone's help and contact the Sheriff and Jeff Tipton the Game Warden if something looks suspicious. We want to keep a positive relationship with landowners and the community, in order to continue to enjoy this valuable fishery and resource. If you have any questions or want to volunteer contact Tom Allen at 740-548-7532 or

Tom Allen Representing Madmen Chapter of TU, COFF, MVFF, BUFF and NKFF
for Mad River Watershed Projects

Hey happy Earth day. This past weekend a bunch of us from several clubs headed to The Mad River at SR36 for stream monitoring and river cleanup.

My daughter Emily along with Tom Allen's children picked trash up and helped sort bugs from the net and we placed them in the ice trays for counting.

We had a great number of nymphs some ready to hatch and a lot of active swimmers. 1 crawfish and some small worms along with some large drake nymphs lots of caddis.

Water quality AAA and habitats looking great. I plan on getting out to do some fishin this week I want to enjoy some of the evening hatches of Hendricks. I will post some pictures soon

Nick Rizzo
Mad River representative for Buckeye United Flyfishers



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